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We believe in providing students with STEAM workshops and camps where students can develop transferrable skills and become motivated learners who seek creative solutions to real-world problems.


We partner with local STEM industry leaders to provide opportunities for youth to be introduced to STEM career. The A in STEAM represents the (Art) which is used to highlight the individual differences of each student we work with and implement our proven SEL curriculum that teaches the soft skills needed to impact their communities in meaningful and sustainable ways. 

Golf Program

We believe the sport of golf holds the ability to help transform the mental and physical capabilities of youth from under severed communities. 


We partner with local PGA Foundation and First Tee programs to help develop young golfer into leaders within their communities, while growing the game. 

Ambassador Program

Adult Ambassadors:

10AllIn Adult Ambassadors are members of the community and schools, who have a passion for helping to develop youth through mentorship and instruction with the support of the 10AllIn's leadership. 

Student Ambassadors:

10AllIn Student Ambassadors are students who either exhibit the qualities and characteristics of young leaders within their communities, both academically and athletically. Student ambassadors are also at-risk students who show the potential to thrive in their respective areas, but need the additional support of caring adults who believe in their capabilities.  

Mental Health Education

Mental Health Education is a preventative model that equipes youth with specific skills necessary to cope with stressors facing our younger generation. This model utilizes a SEL (social & emotional learning) curriculum that works to prevent mental health related concerns later in life, by giving an understanding of what mental health is and how to maintain it. We began by hosting summer camps to introduce this concept, but now have the capacity to host workshops focused on allowing youth to develop their self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills necessary for school, work, and life.

Summer Camps

In June of 2021, 10AllIn's co-founders Santonio Holmes and Jimmie Vincent hosted their first annual 10AllIn STEAM & Golf Summer Camp at their alma mater Glades Central Community High School. In 2023, they hosted their 3rd annual camp, but has expanded their reach to The First Tee of Greater Washington DC as well as the Middle Atlantic PGA. 10AllIn is now prepped to expand their reach even further with goal of expanding to various chapters of the PGA foundation and First Tee programs. 

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