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Our Founders

An example of how true grit and determination can lead to success, Santonio’s humble beginnings did not stop him from achieving excellence in his life. The 38-year-old was born and raised in the small, impoverished town of Belle Glade, Florida, where he attended Glades Central High School and played for their football program, leading his teammates to several state titles before starting a college career at Ohio State University.

Santonio Holmes

 After achieving an equally successful career as a Buckeye, Santonio left the school a year early to become the 25th overall pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006. When the Steelers faced the Arizona Cardinals three years later in Superbowl XLIII, he spearheaded this mindset as the championship game reached a crossroads and could go either way, catching the winning touchdown and earning the title of MVP. 

The NFL star’s dream for starting 10 ALL IN centers around his story, the trials and tribulations presented early on, and more importantly, how relentless hard work allowed him to achieve his goals and position him where he is today. 
Through 10 ALL IN, Santonio along with a close group of colleagues hope to create similar social change and inspiration among youth and communities whose narratives are similar to this, tapping into each individual’s potential and guiding them to success

Jimmie Vincent

At the core of 10 ALL IN’s mental health initiative is Jimmie Vincent, a nationally certified counselor in Atlanta, Georgia, who graduated from Western Michigan University with an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and sociology and Walden University with a master’s degree in mental health and counseling. His experience spans multiple areas including counseling and therapy, consulting, crisis stabilization, community-based intensive services, family therapy, child & adolescent services, parenting, anger management. Jimmie has recently published 

the first in a series of children’s books relating to commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in children. His role in 10 ALL IN will branch from his expertise in this field, helping those who struggle and would ultimately benefit from these services.


Our Foundation

Two childhood friends, Santonio Holmes Jr. and Jimmie Vincent grew up in the Belle Glade area located in South Florida, USA. Both ambitious individuals dedicated their lives to pursuing their passions. For Santonio, this was football, as he went on to become one of the best wide receivers to play the sport, leading him to win the Superbowl XLIII MVP. On the other hand, Jimmie pursued a career in healthcare, specifically mental health. After fulfilling their childhood dreams, Santonio’s being a successful NFL player and Jimmies being a healthcare and mental health counseling professional, the two wanted to give back to their community. But how were they going to do this?
Once these childhood friends put themselves into a position to impact change, it was time for the real work. The two rolled up their sleeves and incorporated their nonprofit. From there, the 10 All In Foundation was born. The foundation’s mission was built on a series of questions: what will we do to support and give back to our hometown? More importantly, how are we going to do it? 
The answer that the two derived was to reverse engineer the current issues that are prominent in the Glade area. A lack of healthcare, education, employment, and limited access to careers outside of athletics and agriculture makes Belle Glade heavily underrepresented economically. Jimmie and Santonio researched efficient ways to shift the paradigm of how the Glade economy is represented and determined that the catalyst to positive change would be to foster be (S)cience (T)echology, (E)ngineering & (M)ath, also known as STEM education in the youth, as they can grow and develop the skills which would allow them to pursue any career they wish to. The demand for STEM education was growing at a rapid pace, and while they were aware of this, they realized a flaw within the current STEM system. This was the absence of an Art component. Jimmie and Santonio went the extra mile and created a STEAM curriculum for multiple reasons. 
1. It gave Jimmie an opportunity to use his skill set to figure out how to address the individual needs of each student in a way that will help them develop into well-rounded contributors to society.
2. A STEAM-based Curriculum allows for 10AllIn to help uplift the community by allowing the youth to develop in areas such as Creativity, Confidence, Problem Solving, and Collaboration.
By January of 2021, 10 All In had built key partnerships with the PGA of South Florida, the PGA of DC, United Healthcare, Children’s Science Center, Dreams for Kids DC, First Tee DC, McNicholas & Associates, The Markarian Group, and began the process of putting together their programs, initiatives, and support to keeping the ball rolling.
In the first year, they look to set their roots firmly within the community by coming back home and setting up their foundation, making themselves relevant, forging relationships, and laying the groundwork of the vision.
Next, They look to begin the 10All In Foundation’s Adult & Student Ambassador program.
Their goal is to have their curriculum either occupy a class period within the school day or an after-school arrangement where students can plan through their vision.
Also, within that 5-year plan, 10 All In aims to address its healthcare objective by developing an aquaponic program to encourage student leadership, business skills, STEM immersion, and community engagement.
10 All In is in it for the long haul.


Our Sponsers

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